Meet the Creators


Hello there!


I can get a little wordy, so here's the short version:

My name is Charley and I'm the founder, designer, and primary maker here at Downright Creative.  My better half, JR, helps me out by doing most of the engraving as well as many other odd jobs. Most importantly, he keeps me sane and focused! :))  Our little man Lenny also 'helps' me out... more about that later.


Now for the long:

So me, Charley. 

1- Yes, I'm a girl. Yes, Charley is my real name.

2- I've been in the creative world all of my life- my grandma had a floral and ceramic figurine business, my dad was a contractor, and my mom is in the rental home business- always having me help her renovate and fix up her homes between tenants.

3- I have my Bachelor's of Science degree in Interior Design from SIU. 

4- After college, it was the middle of the recession of 2008 and interior designers just were not needed. I moved back to my small hometown.  I began as a CAD drafter for a large commercial cabinetry/custom millwork company.  I worked my way into project management and when I left that position, I was managing an average of 5 million dollars of jobs. Yayyyy-stress!  Although I worked from a cubicle most days/months/years, it was fun seeing the hospitals and schools work their way through the construction process and I typically got to visit the job site once during the project- I really loved that.  I missed having a connection with people though, so when the opportunity to be a designer at a local furniture & flooring store opened up, I jumped at the chance. It was amazing to get to help folks choose their bathroom shower tile design, kitchen backsplash design, and flooring throughout their home. I also visited the homes and helped with furniture selection, arrangement, and paint colors. I really loved that job.

5- In my previous home I redesigned every room, helped reface the kitchen cabinets with doors made from scratch, created built in cabinetry throughout, re-purposed a dresser as a bathroom vanity, and more!  Once I repainted all the walls for the third time is when I realized I need to do something with my spare time and Downright Creative was born!


Now my better half, JR.

1- He's not a woodworker. (until I came along!)

2- He prefers to weld. We have two separate shops as to not burn the place down with the combination of sawdust and welding fire.

3- He's a much better practical thinker than I. 

4- I've kept him so busy that he hasn't been able to do a lot of his personal projects.  Oops.


It's Lenny's turn.

1- This little man was born June 2017 and weighed a whopping 11 lbs, 2 oz.....  Yep.

2- After he was born, we had some big decisions to make regarding our lifestyle. After reviewing the cost of daycare, fuel to drive to work, and everything else; we decided that I would quit my day job and dive full time into Downright Creative- allowing me the opportunity to work from home with Little Man perched on my hip.  Best. Decision. Ever.

3- Little man makes appearances at most craft shows and is always hanging out near my shop watching me work.  He's pretty much my biggest fan. ;)


If you made it this far, wow!  You. are. awesome!