Children's Height Chart

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Our growth charts will become a family heirloom creating memories for years to come. Carved dashes/numbers/name and slightly rounded edges make our height chart ruler super unique!
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personalized height chart ruler, carved details
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close up of carved name showing exposed wood grain
Personalized growth chart makes a unique family heirloom
Check out our coordinating decor- growth chart, name sign
Check out our coordinating decor- weathered wood growth chart, weathered wood picture frame clipboards, 4x6 picture frame
Personalized growth charts make the best gift!
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close up of carved name in the weathered wood kids height chart
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close of up the weathered white kids height chart.
Weathered white kids height chart, kids measuring stick, toddler gift, baby gift, mothers day gift
Close up of a personalized weathered white growth chart.  This customer chose to have their name carved in all capital letters for a unique look!
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Children's Height Chart

Note- Current lead time is 2-3 weeks + shipping transit time.


Our premium oversized wooden rulers are unique for a few reasons:
- Inch dash marks and numbers are carved into the wood, lasting forever.
- Edges of the ruler are slightly rounded prior to being finished.
- Back of ruler is semi-finished, eliminating the appearance of fingerprints from the stain.
- Matching screw covers and pre-drilled screw holes are included. Simply screw your ruler into wall studs with 2 screws suitable for your wall type (not included.)

Start 10" off of the floor
Measures up to approximately 6'-8"
7 1/4" wide.

Name (optional):
Leave the name in the notes at checkout. We will carve the name EXACTLY how you type it to us.

Made from new pine lumber, finished with chalk paint and/or wood stain and sealed for indoor use.