Giant Ruler Growth Chart

Giant Ruler Growth Chart

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Note- these ship within 2 weeks from order.

GIANT rulers are an amazing gift.

What's in the box:
-Routered GIANT Ruler:
♦ 7 1/4" wide
♦ 3/4" thick
♦ Measures 6'-8" when mounted10" off floor
♦ The dashes and numbers are a natural wood color

-Goody Bag:
♦ (2) wooden screw covers that match your ruler. Use screws or wall anchors suitable for your wall type (not included.) Screwing it into your wall will make sure it is nice and secure and the little kiddo's can't 'accidentally' remove it and ... damage things...... because they would NEVER do that! :)
♦ Directions: how to mount, how to clean, what to use to write on your ruler, and ideas for WHAT to write!
♦ Business card
♦ Fine tip Paint Pen by Sharpie (optional)

I DO NOT include an invoice, so if you're gifting it, you don't have to worry about them seeing the price!! Invoice are accessible on the "Purchases and Reviews" tab.

If you haven't been marking your child's height on the door frame, but would like to add their milestones to your ruler, most doctors will gladly give you a record of your child's height from their medical records!

As with all real wood items, every tree is different, therefor the finished product will vary slightly. All rulers are made out of pine lumber, stained. Oak stain has a color range of light golden brown to dark golden brown. This is part of the beauty and uniqueness of each piece of lumber.