Personalized Walnut Carved Growth Chart, Name Centered

  • $95.00

All children love to see how much they have grown. It's a milestone that most families turn into a memory by marking it down on a door frame (don't dare paint over it or eek- move to another home!) This walnut carved growth chart is a great baby gift that will let you turn those memories into a keepsake that can be used for many generations to come.

Our premium growth charts are unique for a few reasons:
🔹 Inch dash marks, numbers, & name are carved into the wood, lasting forever.
🔹 Edges of the ruler are slightly rounded prior to being finished.
🔹 Back of ruler is semi-finished, eliminating the appearance of fingerprints from the stain.
🔹 Matching screw covers and pre-drilled screw holes are included. Simply screw your ruler into wall studs with 2 screws suitable for your wall type (not included.)

Starts 10" off of the floor
Measures up to approximately 6'-8"
7 1/4" wide.

When checking out, please note what name you would like carved into your ruler.  Please be sure to capitalize the first letter, if you wish.  We will carve the name EXACTLY how you type it to us.  We recommend limiting the name length to 10 characters to allow for more space to write on your ruler.  Name will be carved at the center of your ruler.

Your oversized wooden ruler is made from pine lumber, then finished using wood stain. It is sealed for indoor use.

Each piece of lumber is like a fingerprint of the tree it was cut from. Like our fingerprints, each piece of lumber is different and will take stain differently. This walnut color will range from dark golden brown to dark brown, all blended beautifully in the same board.  The carved areas will show the natural wood grain.

Your growth chart will ship within 14-21 days after purchase.

We ship via USPS Priority Mail, which typically takes 1-4 days to arrive to your home, but at times can take longer. Any postal delays are out of my control.

You can ship our products directly to your gift recipient by using their address at checkout.  We never include invoices with our products since they typically are gifts.