Weathered White Kids Height Ruler - Family Height chart - Oversized Ruler

  • $70.00

This kids measuring sticks' minimalist style breaks the common thought that kids items must be brightly colored.  It will fit into any decor, but will really look sleek in a modern home, all while functioning as a family height chart that can be passed down for generations to come. Kids just love standing up next to the oversized ruler to get measured!

I think the most important thing about this ruler is that it looks 100x more amazing in person!  It's so hard to photograph due to the muted colors, but our eyes can see the subtle difference in colors a lot better than the camera lens!

Our premium growth charts are unique for a few reasons:
🔹 Inch dash marks and numbers are carved into the wood, lasting forever.
🔹 Edges of the ruler are slightly rounded prior to being finished.
🔹 Back of ruler is semi-finished, eliminating the appearance of fingerprints from the stain.
🔹 Matching screw covers and pre-drilled screw holes are included. Simply screw your ruler into wall studs with 2 screws suitable for your wall type (not included.)

Starts 10" off of the floor
Measures up to approximately 6'-8"
7 1/4" wide.

Your oversized wooden ruler is made from pine lumber, then finished using Annie Sloane Chalk Paint and wood stain.  It is sealed for indoor use.

Your growth chart will ship within 14-21 days after purchase.

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